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A job applicant says her college closed and records are not available. Is this plausible? Ever heard of such a college?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Based on a previous deleted question, it looks like you're pretending this question isn't about you so that you can fish for alibis, which is just tremendously sketchy feeling. Please either find a way to ask this that doesn't make it sound like con-job prep work or stop trying to ask this question here. -- cortex

I'm not sure about what happens regarding records, but here's a list of defunct colleges from Wikipedia.
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My mom was in this situation when her college closed. All records were sent to another school and they handled transcript requests for her.
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I have a friend whose school went bankrupt. It was a for-profit technical-training-type place, but it just closed up shop and disappeared-no records, nothing.
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