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Is there a website which let's you create a library of the books you own and sends updates to twitter when you post reviews or finish a book? I wish would do it, because I like the site, but unfortunately it does not.
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Good Reads.
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If there is anything you do like that emits the info in an RSS feed, you could use something like twitterfeed to get it into your twitter.
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If you use Facebook, the We Read (Books IRead) application will do this - you can set it to update Twitter when you add a book to your library, and when you review a book.
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It appears that LibraryThing may be doing this soon.
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I use a combination of LibraryThing and twitterfeed to do this until LibraryThing starts to. It puts out both reviews and books I add: LibraryThing puts them on two different RSS feeds. Examples here and here.
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