Stained Glass Supplies in Twin Cities, Minnesota
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Best places to go for stained glass supplies in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area?

I used to do a lot of stained glass projects around ten years ago. I'm starting back up again and need to restock supplies.

I know there is one store in the Northtown area (or used to be - it's been a while since I've been out there).
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J. Ring Glass is near UMN on Raymond. Good selection of glass. A lot of other stained glass stores just google map it and voila, more stores than I remember.
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Not a stained glass person, but I walk past Glass Endeavors in south Mpls pretty often and, um, there's pretty stuff in the window? :D?
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Hey, thanks clavicle. I stopped by the old Glass Endeavors location recently and was surprised to find it gone. I had not realized the store relocated -- I just thought it was another casualty of the economy.
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Jadepearl's got it. There are about a dozen places around town. I've been to all of them within the last 18 months. J.Ring is the place to go. Better selection, same prices. Plus, they do classes and such, so whether you take them, they have a lot of people around who know a lot.
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As a follow-up, I ended up going with J. Ring Glass. Easy to get to, lots of selection for tools, good prices, great selection of glass. Thanks for the recommendation!
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