Incipient food crisis!
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DC-filter: Help me find a new grocery store!

The Social Safeway on Wisconsin Ave is about to be closed for a year for renovations. It's been my grocery store for 4 years and now I'm at a loss. Whole Foods is too expensive and Giant is too sketchy; can anyone recommend a replacement?
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It would be useful to know whether you have a car, and where you live (vaguely).
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Best answer: is offering free shipping to Georgetown and Glover Parkers affected by this. The nearest Safeway down on Whitehaven is not the best, but it's not as bad as the Giant.

Glover Park is also trying to start a farmers market at Stoddart this summer.

Trader Joes at 25th and Pennsylvania Ave. is good too.

Are you driving to the store, or are you carrying your groceries out?
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Best answer: It's not the closest to you, but there's a decent Trader Joe's near Penn and 25th, though that's about a mile and a half away from where you are (I think).

And I know the Giant you're talking about - it is too sketchy, unfortunately.

DCist is reporting that Safeway is offering free delivery to effected folks, though, so if you don't mind waiting for the Safeway truck to show up, it's an option.
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And this is why I should have previewed - what sdrawcab said. Damn my hubris.
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Here's the article in the Examiner that mentions free shipping at It's based on ZIP code, and already works!
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The issue with is that I don't trust strangers to pick out my produce. Anyway, we keep getting coupons for a Safeway on MacArthur that was apparently recently remodeled, although I haven't been there yet and have no idea where it is. If you have a car, I highly recommend the new Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan, it's shiny and big and has a great selection of stuff. The parking garage was free the last time I was there (of course that was a year ago when I lived in the area). There's also a Safeway in Tenleytown that I haven't been to. It does suck, though, because the Giant doesn't have the widest selection of products in the world (although we've always bought meat there b/c it is like half the price that it is at Safeway). Oh, and if you want metro accessible, there's a Giant in Friendship Heights and one in Van Ness (I haven't been to either).
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Best answer: There's the secret safeway up in Tenleytown. You could ride the dirty thirties up there if you are without a car.
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I've used Safeway's delivery service, and I think that in general, they do a better job at picking out produce than I do.
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Response by poster: This is a great help, you guys. I knew I could rely on you!
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If you're price conscious, I recommend SuperFresh in upper NW. They have the best sales.
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be glad your not in Southwest... we are losing our 2nd biggest grocery store within the next year...and yes, it is 7-11 lol
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Is Brookville in Cleveland Park too far away from you? I shopped at that place for a couple of years, and while it's not a gleaming modern supermarket, I rather liked it. Somewhat more unusual selection of stuff than most places, including Green's babka!
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Trader Joe's has become the only grocery store I frequent, goign elsewhere only when I have to. It will be well worth the effort of the walk/bus/however you get there.
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