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Ipodfilter: converting avi to mp4 files. Can anyone recommend any free utilities for converting .avi to .mp4 files suitable for playback on a 4th gen ipod? the software needs to run on a non-intel imac running 10.5.6. Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Best one I've found for Macs (or easiest to use, at least) is iSquint. It is no longer being updated but still works fine (the last version was 1.5.2). It is free, all you get is a non-instrusive dialogue box after you convert asking you to upgrade to VisualHub.
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mencoder (part of the mplayer package) and ffmpeg (the utility that comes with the ffmpeg libraries, which are also used by mplayer and mencoder) are open source utilities designed for this sort of thing. They run on the command line and you may need to build them from source, but they will run on a ppc mac. Both of these programs can be a bit complicated in terms of command line options, but once you figure out a command line that works, you can reuse it.

Here is a link to some mencoder command line examples.
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Seconding iSquint. Using it is intuitive, and it converts avi to mp4 with no trouble.
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I used iSquint when I had a 5G iPod. Perfect results.
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Handbrake or iSquint/VisualHub.
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Response by poster: Hivemind: you rock. iSquint is exactly the simple lightweight application I'm looking for. Thanks a bunch.
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