Please name that Mozart Andante in C Major.
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This passage is said to be from a Mozart divertimento for wind instruments, as arranged for keyboard by Mozart himself. (Found here.) Can you tell me which divertimento? Or whether the arrangement has a K. catalog number? Thanks!
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I've been flipping through my Mozart wind music, and I can't seem to find that specific piece - I'll try a few more things.

It looks like that book that you have an Amazon link to has a little blurb about each piece over it. Could you tell me what it says about this piece?

Any more info would be helpful.
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Response by poster: Hi SNW - Sorry I had to step away for a while. The book says, "This well-known composition was originally a movement of a divertimento for wind instruments. The version below, published before 1800, is believed to be Mozart’s own keyboard setting." That's it. Thanks for asking.
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