Small drops of pure anise?
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A few years ago I had these tiny little hard candy drops of pure anise that I'm pretty sure I got at Cost Plus, but Cost Plus no longer sells them. I remember they were round, about the size of a small lentil, came in small tin sort of like Altoid smalls, and very, very intensely anise flavored. What were they and where can I buy them now?
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These are an entire single anise seed, covered in sugar.
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Response by poster: I know it wasn't those anise mints you get from a bowl at Indian places, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the candies nomisxid mentioned.
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Altoids come in licorice. Any chance it was that?

Or, do you think it was Dutch licorice? They have an amazing variety -- hard, soft, salty, sweet.
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I know what you're referring to and it's definitely not liquorice.

There's always a bowl of these by the door at greek restaurants. Do you have any greek friends you can ask?
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Best answer: possibly Sen Sen (comes in a box, though) or the unfortunately-named (and crazy-strong) Nigroids?
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Response by poster: Peachfuzz, both of those look square. These were round. (And I'm pretty sure they weren't black either.) But those do look pretty close, maybe I'll try to hunt down some of those.
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Could they be anise pastilles? Here and here.
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How about these Potter's Originals? I can't find a picture of what the candy looks like but maybe the tin will look familiar.
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Response by poster: I case anyone is curious I found some Amarelli Licorice at an overpriced fancy food store. I'm still pretty I'd had a different brand but they are the exact same flavor (and head rush) that I remember.
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The violet-flavored Abbaye de Flavigny pastilles are some of my all-time favorites...also aniseseed in the middle, I think.
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