Online directories or other helpful resources for aspiring private tutor?
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Online directories or other helpful resources for aspiring private tutor?

I would like to supplement my current part time job with some private tutoring gigs. I love working with students of all ages and have a good deal of experience with children as well as adolescents in various educational settings. While I currently work at a school in an afterschool program (which has led to some babysitting gigs), I am looking for some reputable online directories that would connect me with clients. Sites like are what I have in mind, but I'd like to know more before agreeing to any registration fees. Do any members have personal experience with this site or related ones, any recommendations, insights into the world of tutoring?

If it helps, I would prefer to tutor students in English language comprehension and grammar or history. (I have an M.A. in the humanities, which has provided me with solid writing skills). I would also be comfortable with math at the elementary level, but its not my personal strength. I am also in Chicago.
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Response by poster: After spouting off my qualifications to tutor in English grammar, I just noticed the its vs. it's blunder I committed in the above post. Forgive me!
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Have you ever tutored before?

I've never used websites, but from my experience, I would check with local high schools, post flyers in nearby universities' boards or go to their English departments. One thing you can also check for are international high schools, schools with international students. They generally pay well because they do really need the help.

Sorry if this wasn't what you were looking for.
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