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Looking for a simple program to construct a family tree. This could be shared with all family members to add/comment according to their ability, and interest. Varying computer abilities. Shared between PCs and Macs. Attach photos?
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2nd-ing Geni. I've used it myself and it's really easy, flexible and adaptable to different family types. Multiple photos are also an option.
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I love me some Geni.
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nth-ing Geni.
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I've been using Personal Ancestral File from FamilySearch, but I get the feeling that I should check out this Geni thing.
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Geni is good. But opt out of the 'updates' it sends you for sure. I always forget.
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Geni is super easy, especially if you get your family members invited via and participating.
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i am just another person posting in this thread to say "geni"
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Yet another recommendation for geni. It is really cool when you start inviting people and you can watch the tree grow. It also interacts with facebook now if that's your kind of thing.
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