Prank a high school!
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Do you have any ideas for a prank against a rival high school at our reunion?

Our grad class is having a high school reunion. There is a longstanding rival high school which is about two miles away. Our class plans to walk over there and -----------.

Can you fill in the blank with a fun, harmless and neato idea?
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Make a big donation to a scholarship fund for the rival high school. They'll never see it coming, and think what kind of statement you'd be making.

You can disguise the check inside a big paper-maché model of poo, if it will make you feel better :)
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I love that.

"And this year's Jefferson High School Senior Recipient for the 'Lincoln High Rules Award' goes to...
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Or make the donation in pocket change. Have everyone bring all their penny savings, put it in a prank-y container, and haul it over there.
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Challenge them to a waterfight. Water balloons, squirt guns, etc.
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Sporks on a lawn.
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Challenge them to a dance-off.
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Add the message 'XYZ class of 'XY' was here'?
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