Printing an Excel file
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Excel filter: How do I print a specific column on every printed page without having to physically insert the column to the beginning of every page?

I have an Excel datasheet, with names as column 1, with other information filled in. When I look at my spreadsheet on my computer, I typically "freeze" the 1st column so that I can always see the name as my left-most column. How do I do the same thing when I print the worksheet? For example, if my data runs for 2-3 or more pages, how do I set up the print job so that column 1 with the names will print again as the left most column on page 2, left most column on page 3, etc.?
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Best answer: Go to File>Page Setup, then the "Sheet" tab. You can list/select rows and/or columns to repeat on every page there.
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Best answer: This?
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Response by poster: Thanks!!
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