Apologetics & Debate Mp3s burnable to disc?
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I am looking for Christian apologetics/debates (christian/atheist etc) in mp3 downloadable form to burn to disc in Itunes (My ipod broke so no podcasts) :( ...Can you recommend any sites where I can get free mp3s for this? Thanks.
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More specifically:

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Uh, just FYI, podcasts are mp3s. You can burn them to discs and listen to them on anything, not just iPods. So feel free to download podcasts for this. I recommend the Reasonable Doubts podcast for this type of banter (atheist perspective).
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Here's a debate that is related to that topic. I haven't listened to this one, but Intelligence Squared is usually interesting.

As heatherann notes, you don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts - you can play them in iTunes as well as any other mp3 player.
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Here is a link to my favorite Christian vs Atheist debate. It is really fun - and I was actually in the audience. William Lane Craig is the Christian and Hector Avalos is the Atheist. They debate the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. Enjoy.
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I want to burn them to disc to listen to them in my car....not really sure how to burn podcasts to discs.
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duh....figured out how to burn podcasts to discs...nevermind previous comment. (Shaking my ignoramus head)
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