Where is that wondrous BMR calculator?
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Please find my super-comprehensive BMR calculator?

A few years ago, I found a really terrific basal metabolic rate calculator. It took into account lots of stuff that the standard calculators don't: Beyond age, height, weight, gender, this thing considered whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding, how much time you spend at various activity levels, and even whether you're an amputee. As I recall, the web form had about three pages of questions before you got to your results.

Help, help! Where is this wondrous calculator? Does it even still exist?
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Hmm, that's not exactly the one I was thinking of but it's very close indeed. Thanks!

(Though a bit of WTF in that one -- it only lets you enter a target body fat percentage of... 19? Which is pretty much only possible for a female athlete, as I understand it.)
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...actually, scratch that. This one does a lot of fancy stuff, but none of it is your BMR. It does suggested calories, but that's not what I'm looking for...
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IAPT (I am a personal trainer) and I'm wondering what you want the information for, since it makes a difference: if you're looking for very basic info on what your BMR is, a form like the one you're looking for will do the trick, but they only work for the middle of the curve. Most of them will give you anywhere up to a 30% error. (The one linked above was off by 20% for me, and I am male, not freakishly fit, or funny-shaped. From my experience the error for women tends to be higher).

To get a really accurate baseline you'll have to go get tested; it should cost anywhere from $250 for just BMR up to $1000 for the full-geek, VO2max, AT threshold, I'm-trying-to-shave-2-seconds-off-my-Ironman-time, yadda yadda craziness.
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Nah, dolface, your comment is OK by me...

I'm mostly looking for the purposes of random data, because I like looking at things like that and seeing how the input changes the results. It's a geek thing, I guess...

From a more practical point of view, though, I'm working out and doing calorie-counting right now, and want to be sensible about it. I know the general "don't eat under 1200 calories per day" guideline. I assume that's based on a typical BMR, so I'm trying to get a general sense of what my own BMR probably is in order to find a more personalized lower limit. (When I'm eating healthy food all day, I sometimes find myself much lower than that.) Then I can make sure to eat at least THAT much food in a day and be confident I'm not doing any crazy bad-for-you crash-dieting.

I hear you on the roughness of the estimates; I do believe the web tool I was looking for output ranges, and that's even better, so far as I'm concerned. :)
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