Where to party in like a Southern girl?
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Where to go for a girls night out in Charleston, SC?

We're going out tomorrow night for a girls night/bachelorette in Charleston, South Carolina. We're all from out of town and don't know where to go, especially since it's a Wednesday night so some of the happening places might be closed or dead. I'm not looking for anything too wild - just fun places to hang out and have drinks or dance. Any South Carolina Mefites have any suggestions?
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The Music Farm is your best local entertainment.
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I am not a girl, but mrs cdmwebs and I always liked Red's in Mt. Pleasant. It's got a few different areas (indoor/outdoor, upstairs outdoor). It's on Shem Creek so you can watch dolphins swim by. There are a few others places right in the area (Shem Creek Bar & Grill, etc).

There are always the bars that surround the Market downtown, too.
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A lot depends on where you're going to be. There are some awesome bars on Folly Beach and that would be my natural choice, but then you could also do downtown and my info for downtown bars except for ACs (probably not what you're looking for) and Vickery's is way out of date. Vickery's is certainly a great place to start at least and within easy walking distance to pretty much everywhere downtown.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far! We're planning on eating downtown but we're staying on Folly Beach, if that helps.
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There are tons of little cool bars everywhere if you want to bar hop but that's a tough night for dancing. Light is probably the best bet. Trio and PurpleTree are closed.

Wet Willies is probably open (just off market) but more meat-market than anything. The Music farm is cool for a show, but terrible otherwise. The gay club (Pantheon, near the music farm) has a great dance vibe and cool mix of people, but I dunno if I've ever seen a full-on bachelorette party in there. You can also try Torch (upper king) if you're into the chill out stuff or hookas.

Voodoo is a cool little lounge in just over the bridge in west ashley on the (long) way to folly. Past that it's mostly bar/grill places.

Arrange a ride. Downtown to Folly is a 30 minute trip. This is a good place to do a little research. have fun.
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