Peanut butter flavored bagel
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Are there any (specialty) bagel shops in NYC or NJ that make peanut butter flavored bagels?

I managed to find a bagel shop in California called Garden State Bagels that makes them (ironic, right?), but they don't deliver out of state. Peanut butter bagels don't seem to be popular, but I'd like to find one!
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The Bagel CLub on 20 Commerce Street in Flemington NJ (a block or so from the Shop Rite) used to; they were pretty tasty. (908) 806-6022
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I believe G&A's Bagels on Rt 23 makes them. They are the best bagel shop EVER by the way.

They also make bacon(!) bagels, among many, many others. And they are opened 24/7/365, for all of your bagel emergencies.
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