Name That Video: Surreal animated interview between student and master.
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Looking for a video I saw on the internet before May 2008. It was an interview with a ton of post-processing, making it very surreal. Seeing this image reminded me of the video. I seem to remember the interviewer was an art student, or a student of the interviewee. The interviewee had been down on his luck, and it seemed as if the interview was happening in a soup kitchen or hostel. I associate two words with the interviewee: "video art", but I can't think of any sort of title he might have.

I remember the video was very colorful, and the subjects bodies seemed to... fade, contract, pulse... It felt as if there was original video, but it was completely animated over top of.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Ryan, the cgi documentary about Canadian animator Ryan Larkin. (Previously on the blue)
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Best answer: You're thinking of the short movie Ryan, by Chris Landreth, about Ryan Larkin. Here it is on YouTube.
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Thanks for the Ryan link – very nice!
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I searched through Metafilter and VideoSift for hours last night, but the words in my head didn't match the words in the posts :-(
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