Looking for a party planner in Brisbane or the Gold Coast
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I'm planning a party (by long-distance) on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and am trying to find a party planner on the spot to handle the logistics. I've found many childrens party planners, but the few party planners I've found that cater to adults are....VERY adult, providing riding crops and scented banana oil, sort of thing. NOT our sort of thing. Can anyone reccommend a planner for a very vanilla sort of celebratory shindig?
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Why not try a wedding planner?
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Response by poster: All the wedding planners I've looked deal in wedding packages, with all the bouquets and bows and celebrants and fabric-draped chairs and tables and centerpieces and bomboniere, and this isn't a wedding party - just a big happy family reunion. I'm looking for someone who can negotiate with caterers and dance instructors and plan for balloons and flowers and sound equipment for dance music and make sure it is all set up and ready to go on the day.
If anyone does know a wedding planner willing to moonlight, that would be great!
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Have you tried searching 'event planner' instead of 'party planner'?
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I just did a quick search of wedding and event planners in Brisbane and quite a few looked like they would do a non-wedding event. Have you contacted them to ask or are you just basing on website info?

Here are a few options. If you get in touch with them, make sure to ask them to point you in the right direction if they can't help you themselves.
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I have a friend that could help you out. I'll MefiMail you with details.
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A quick Google of ''events management gold coast queensland'' finds Pazaz Events, based in Tweed Heads. Their website says they do social events. And the Yellow Pages has a stack of event management companies listed on the Coast: Event Co at Mermaid Beach; Eventagious at Helensvale; Encore Events at Burleigh; and Element Events.
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Why not ask some of the planners that you've found already if they'd do your event or refer you to someone else?
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