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I am in Georgia and I need to get away before my head explodes. I want a quick, inexpensive, but out-of-state vacation, no more than a week. What nice vacation spot is near Georgia and will allow me to enjoy myself without breaking the bank?
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My family used to vacation yearly on Duck Key in the Florida Keys at about this time of year. I don't think it's really tourist season yet, so you're still off peak. Now, this is twenty years ago already, but there was a wonderful resort there that wasn't very expensive and had both a large pool and a large saltwater lagoon with snorkeling and kayaks.
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If you want relaxing cheesiness, head to Lookout Mountain. Get a cheap hotel room and check out Ruby Falls, Rock City and the Incline Railway. It's $45 for tickets to all 3.
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The Outer Banks of North Carolina - Nag's Head especially - are stunningly beautiful, quite close by, and it can be pretty cheap. Me and a few friends camped in our car on the dunes, and had the time of our lives.
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Asheville? Travel up the Blue Ridge Parkway?
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Maybe it'd help if you could tell us where in Georgia you are, what it is you're hoping to get away from, and/or what kind of vacation you've got in mind? There is some beautiful camping along the Blue Ridge Parkway that might suit if you're up for that, and depending on where you are you can probably reach at least some parks relatively quickly (or you could even drive a fair way up it over the course of the week if you've got a good case of wanderlust) ... the beaches of SC's coast and/or Florida are probably also relatively accessible (being from Tampa originally, I'm rather partial to that area but to each their own) ... if you're looking for more of a city-ish vacation, people around here keep telling me I need to check out Greenville, SC; perhaps that might be of interest to you?
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Get a cabin or go camping in the N. Georgia mountains. Amicalola Falls State Park and Vogel State Park are a couple of my favorites. Camping, hiking, lots of great roads for biking/motorcycling and plenty of attractions nearby. If you're motorcycling, T.W.O. (Two Wheels Only) is on the other end of SR 180 (Hogpen Gap Road - one of the best twisty roads to ride east of the Mississippi) from Vogel State park.
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Depending where in Georgia you are, I'd suggest Nashville or Charleston.
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Define "inexpensive." Because of the economy, there are some mind-boggling deals going right now on trips to Iceland.
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Georgia is a big state, so quick and inexpensive varies with your location.

The state parks in South Carolina are reasonable priced and have fully stocked cabins, so you can just get up and go. Try Poinsett if you want really the remote cabin in the woods with no phone service or tv. Santee is nice, located on a lovely lake and has cable tv, with wifi at the ranger's station.

I live in Savannah, GA. If you're coming here, come now, before the heat and gnats come out in force. Get something on the beach.
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One of my most relaxing vacations was driving the coast of Florida, from panhandle to the Keys, stopping wherever I wanted along the way.

Another great vacation was to see, camp, and hike in some of the Arkansas state parks -- especially Petite Jean Mountain state park.

A very cheap and interesting vacation was to Washington DC. I flew there, but once there most of it was inexpensive or free -- all Smithsonian museums and the monuments are free admission. To make the hotel cheap, I stayed in Fairfax, Virginia, within walking distance to the local bus service, which took me to the Metro, which took me into DC every day.

And then, of course, there's New Orleans!
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If I were going for quick and inexpensive, I would definitely head up to the mountains. Unicoi State Park has a pretty nice lodge, and there are other places in the Georgia mountains worth staying.
But if you're driving that far, you may as well go whole hog and head up into North Carolina. Asheville is wonderful. Malaprop's Bookstore may very well be the finest in the South. It is a wonderful little city. Inexpensive? not so much. But then there is Brevard, Andrews, Murphy, and the Cherokees at Qualla Boundary.
I would guess that Harrah's Cherokee would give you a pretty nice deal, times what they are, and there would be no better place to come back to sleep to after a nice afternoon far, far away from the video slots and at the Museum of the Eastern Indian, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with Cades Cove, Clingman's Dome and the Newfound Gap Road, or up the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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seconding nags head.

Most peaceful and serene beach there is.

at least it was when I was there 15 years ago.
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Chattanooga, Asheville, Nashville, Charleston, Savannah. Your budget would help us recommend which and where to stay.
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Response by poster: Wow, GREAT answers. I will definitely research some of your suggestions. Thanks bunches!
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check out hotels on Hilton Head - this is a very bikeable island, great beaches.
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