Gift Stethoscope for pets.
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Can anyone recommend a good animal stethoscope? I'd like to get a nice one for a friend who is graduating from a veterinary tech program, so a nice, high-end one, not a typical office one. Something under a couple hundred dollars preferably. Mail order, or a shop in Chicago would be best.
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My wife the Veterinary Technician swears by the Littman Classic II SE. She prefers it a great deal to some much more expensive models she has tried.

To add a personal touch, you could order a little dog collar ID tag with your friend's name on it. Techs often attach them to their 'scopes so people don't walk off with them.
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Seconding the Littman II. I've used it (on people, not dogs), and it is very clear and hardy.
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A good source is Big selection of stethoscopes at deep discounts. I have the Master Cardiology - after a while, my ears got especially attuned to it. Does she want to do exotics? If so, get the pediatric one.

For something so personal, consider just asking her which one she wants, and if she has one she likes already. Alternatively, make a gift box with a picture of a stethoscope and a "coupon" redeemable for one (1) stethoscope, with price ceiling in fine print.
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