I need your tastiest Indian lamb recipes.
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I need your tastiest Indian lamb recipes. I have about 3 lb. of lamb cubes & I'm looking to make something Indian with it. I have all of the common Indian spices & I've had success making Biryani but I want to stretch my wings a little further. So what can I make to make my tummy happy?
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Best answer: Rogan Josh!
(technically Persian, but still...)
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Best answer: mkultra beat me to it! My favorite lamb recipe, I didn't know it was Persian in origin but it's definitely been fully absorbed into Indian cooking.

Here's another recipe.
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Best answer: Madhur Jaffrey's Vindaloo. OMG.
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Hyderabadi byriani - recipes in the links at the bottom.

Also rogan josh, which is amazing.
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Biryani. Darn my dyslxeia. :P
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If you like spicy food, try lamb jalfrezi.
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And now I've just realised you've already said you're making biriyani. I either need more sleep or more caffeine.
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I like anydamnthing makhani, personally... tofu, lamb, chicken, beef... a local place even does it with chicken meatballs that are awesome. it's pretty easy to make, too.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. Think I'll be trying the Rogan Josh tonight & keep the others in mind for future meals.
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Best answer: Lamb bhuna

Lamb jalfrezi

Kashmiri ghost

for some other curry options
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Make samosas and stuff them with lamb...mmmmm. Of course, this is more of an appetizer or light meal.
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Best answer: Now that it's getting warmer (assuming you're in the northern hemisphere) make Lamb Kebabs. There's hundreds of recipes out there, but basically, marinate your lamb cubes in some mixture containing oil, lemon juice (or vinegar, I guess), ground coriander and cumin, mint, finely grated fresh ginger, a little yoghurt, salt and pepper to taste.

the longer you marinate , the better it'll taste. I would suggest at least 3/4 hours

Thread 4 or 5 pieces of meat on each skewer, interspersed with chunks of pepper or onion, and barbecue until crisp and brown all over, turning to make sure lamb is well cooked.

Serve with Naan or Paratha, and a yoghurt / mint sauce. and a nice cold beer
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