Math 'problem of the day' website?
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I enjoy mathematics, and I'd imagine that on these internets there are many others who are similarly inclined. Why then, am I unable to find a good "Problem of the Day" site? [mi]

A good mix of problem difficulty and type is preferable, ranging through calculus and above. Googling
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Response by poster: Googling seems to return sites geared almost exclusively toward the low end of the K-12 spectrum.
posted by phrontist at 9:54 AM on November 20, 2004

Try adding the word "College" to your Google searches. That found me a few "Problem of the Week" and "Problem of the Month" sites at Stetson, Bradley, and Math Forum.
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IBM's monthly Ponder This.
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Try Mathpuzzle, including the extensive list of links.
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Not "of the day" format, but some interesting stuff at Cut the Knot. And if you're looking for a real challenge...
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That IBM site made my head explode.
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Response by poster: Wow, great links, especially IBM! The current IBM problem is great, as are the questions in the archives, and I think I'm close to a solution for November.

CrunchyFrog: I can't believe I hadn't seen the MathFourm one, I go there rather frequently.
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Think Again
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