Good Hotels in Ashland, Oregon?
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What are some good, clean, modestly priced hotels in Ashland, Oregon?

My sister and I plan to spend two nights in June in Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival. We'll have a car, so distance from the Festival isn't much of an issue (though we'd love to be within walking distance so we don't have to deal with Festival parking). We're fans of clean, quiet, modern hotels with modern amenities (e.g., air conditioning, an in-room fridge, good water pressure in the shower, etc.). Any advice about where to stay? We'd like to keep the price tag reasonable (under $150 per night, if possible).

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Though I haven't stayed there, my friends in Ashland recommend Ashland Springs. It tends to book up quickly whenever something is going on in town (as for example, the Shakespeare Festival), but you should find availability in advance. Last time I was in town we stayed at the Columbia Hotel. I wouldn't exactly call it modern, but the location is awesome and the rooms are nice enough and well-priced. It's a small B&B. Just make sure to get a room with a private bath. There isn't a TV, though; not sure if that would bother you or not. The place itself is cute, and the staff is nice.

If neither of these are up your alley, I know there are several chain motels closer to the freeway. I couldn't recommend any one in particular, but you can see on a map what's around there.
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Oops, just re-read the question. No in-room fridge at the Columbia Hotel. Maybe the Best Western?
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Best answer: The Ashland Hills fits the bill nicely. I have friends who have stayed there every year for over a decade, and they love it. You can't quite walk to town, but they have a shuttle, and the rooms are spacious, clean and inexpensive, the view of the hills is great, and they have a wonderful pool (not so important in June, but later in the year a definite plus).

Just checked -- turns out it's called The Village Suites at Ashland Hills. Same place, though.
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Stratford Inn is within walking distance of downtown, has a pool, is next to a grocery store, and was nice-ish when I lived there ~15 years ago. If I didn't have family to stay with when I visited I'd try there first.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. We've booked a room in the Village Suites at Ashland Hills. I'll post again in June with a report!
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Response by poster: Village Suites at Ashland Hills was terrific! Immaculate, quiet, spacious--a very good value. The only drawback--no swimming pool. Otherwise, just what we were looking for. Thanks for the recommendations!
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