Shadow stripe paper?
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I'm looking for a type of heavy paper that may or may not exist.

Essentially, I'd like to buy a large roll of shadow stripe kraft paper - the kind high end shopping bags are usually made of, in purple. (example)

I've found places to buy the bags in bulk, but no place that sells the paper they're made of. The one large roll I did find was a much thinner paper, similar to this, and not nearly as heavy/durable as the traditional shopping totes.

The reason the paper weight is so important is that I'd like to be able to letterpress it. In the worst case, I could buy a large quantity of the heavier shopping bags and cut them up, but I'm wary of the creases that might result.

Any ideas where I could find the heavy weight paper I'm looking for? The technical color is 'crushed grape' for those with better google skills than mine.

Thanks in advance!
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Did you consider calling APLASTICBAG directly and finding where they source their supplies from? If they buy the bags ready made you might be out of luck, but if they make the bags (a small possibility) you could convince someone to tell you their supplier. You'll likely have to give them the full story of why you want the info (hope that it's interesting) to get a supervisor to be motivated enough to check a file and not just say "it's policy not to give out company information". Good luck.
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You might try calling Xpedx; if they don't carry it, they usually know where to find it or a close facsimile.
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Not the same, but would a wallpaper work?
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Call a paper salesman. I used to work in printing, and the salespeople didn't mind small orders.
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2nding a paper company. They have swatch books. If you know anyone who works at an ad agency or any graphic designers, they are likely to have some on hand as well.
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