Looking for a comedy webisode series
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I'm looking for well-produced comedy webisode series. "Dorm Life" is a prime example of a series I like. Mockumentary suggestions are appreciated.

YouTube channel suggestions are also good, but I'd prefer a series with some polish.
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Response by poster: If this helps with suggestions. . . I'm 22, male, and soon to graduate from college.
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Jake and Amir is my favorite. It gets derided whenever I bring it up because it's a College Humor show (now...it started as a side project of a couple of guys working there) but it's pretty great. I suggest starting at the bottom of their best of page. They're frickin' hilarious and Amir's production of the videos is subtle and nuanced.
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The Guild is a somewhat humorous series about the real life antics of a World of Warcraft guild.
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I'm a fan of Michael Cera, so I enjoyed Clark and Michael.
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It sounds like Clark and Michael is right up your alley. It's a mockumentary about Michael Cera and Clark Duke trying to sell a pilot about themselves.
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Star-ving is great, although painfully lowbrow about a quarter of the time.
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Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog
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Best answer: The Line
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Look Around You by the BBC
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These might not be polished enough for you, but if you're OK with animated stuff, I really like somegreybloke, as well as the more off-the-cuff nockFORCE. And maybe I can be bold and suggest my own animated comedy show; Monkey Talks.
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