A question about the V for Vendetta comic book
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What was the name of a certain tv show and lead character from the V for Vendetta comic book? Was it mentioned in the movie? Can you quote me the lines from the comic book?

It was an over the top racist show, featuring a white guy trying to defend a white woman from "black, cannibal filth" or some such.
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Oh. Saxon something. Storm Saxon?

Yup. Storm Saxon
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The black characters were given horrible dialogue, too:

"So dis am de famous Storm Saxon"

[They prepare to rape the woman; Storm threatens them, they mock him, but...]

"watch out, dat white devil got himself a laser Luger"

"Die you black cannibal filth...die die die!"

Something like that.
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Today, Heidi! October first, 2501 ... ... this is when it begins! Those black butchers have had it their own way for too long! They rape our women, they burn our houses, our possessions... but no more, Heidi... because starting from today... Storm Saxon is fighting back!

Oh Storm! Hold me... hold me tight!

I... Heidi? What's wrong?

Behind you, Storm! Look out!

What th...

So! Dis am de famous Storm Saxon! ... And my oh my! Who dis pretty little white lady?

You mongrel trash! If you touch her...

You'll what, Mr. high-and-mighty Storm Saxon? Now, hold de lady down, boys...

Leroy! Look out! De white debil got him a laser-luger!!

Die, you black cannibal filth! Die! Die! Die!

... and you can visit the nightmarish future England of Storm Saxon again at five past eight next Tuesday on N.T.V. One.

(From pages 25 and 26 of volume 4 of the comic. I don't remember if it was in the movie version or not.)
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In the movie, it was no more than a background detail — I think the "opening credits" for the show were shown playing on a television at one point, but then the shot cuts to something else.
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The movie version has the security guard in the lobby of the news studio watching Storm Saxon on tv. It's just a brief clip, but later the guard threatens to "Go Storm Saxon on your ass" to V.
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God, it was as horrible as I remembered. Alan Moore probably had a devilish twinkle in his eye when he wrote it.

Thanks all!
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