advice on reinstalling xp from i386 folder
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I want to reinstall xp but i dont have an xp disc. Can I just click on winnt32.exe?

Is this simple to do?

I don't have an XP CD and can't find much info other than this wikihow article.

I also don't know if it would be a repair install or a completley fresh install and i don't fully understand how a repair install works.

What could go wrong?

Would it be safer to burn the c/i386 folder to a cd and somehow run it from the startup/boot screen?
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You cannot reinstall Windows in any of the ways you're talking about. You need the CD. You also need to have your product key ready if you're doing a full re-install or a repair install and it needs to be a key that matches up with the disc.

If you don't have a disc, try calling the manufacturer or vendor of your computer and asking them to send you the restore media. There may be a shipping charge.
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Yeah, there really isn't any way of doing what you're talking about. At least not in any way that will have results that you like. You really do need a disc for this to work properly.

The c/i386 folder is not a WinXP system disc image, and burning it won't do you any good.

Track down a real or pirated disc before you bork your system.
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I followed the instructions on this page once and it worked fine. Scroll down to Part II. It does involve burning a boot cd.

You still need a valid licence key (there should be a sticker somewhere on your machine). The instructions are for a specific machine, so customize where necessary.
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