Automatically emailing new blog entries?
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Blogfilter: Does anyone know of any free utilities/websites that allows me to automatically email designated recipients my newest blog (specifically, LiveJournal) entry? (It doesn't have to be the complete entry - it could be an excerpt, but preferably not just a link.)

It doesn't have to be fully automatic and constantly checking my blog for updates, but just something to help me avoid the task of copying and pasting the entry into my gmail and spamming everybody with my mundane life mailing everybody myself every time.
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Not to hijack the question, but I'm intersted in something that would let me do the same but let me specify certain people I'm interested in sending a blog entry to. I send out a lot of links, and would like them to be on a blog somewhere (anywhere) but I'm too lazy to post them twice ;-)
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Bloglet will work with many blogs.

Oh... you're using LJ. I'm really sorry. ;)
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Cool! I've been thinking about this for a long time and Bloglet worked like a charm to get set up and running on my site. Thanks for the info, madman!

It would be a cool project to gather up all of MeFi's tricks for tricking out blogs into one big juicy thread.
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You can use fetchrss for this, from any system on which you have a jvm. Basically, it gets an rss feed, and mails any new items to an email address. If you have a consistent set of people, you should set up mailman or something to manage the list.

All livejournal accounts automatically have associated feeds.
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Response by poster: Thank you guys! I'll see how this works out!
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