Mini Romantic/Relaxing Vacation Ideas for a Couple?
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Mini Vacation Ideas for a Couple? We've looking for a nice long weekend escape from the city. Something relaxing and serene away from the usual.

My boyfriend and I are trying to plan a little mini vacation for us, like a long weekend, maybe 3-4 days. We currently live in Louisville, KY, and have a couple different states in mind, Michigan or Maine. We want something with a little history culture involved and something suited well for couples.

We currently have 500$ put back we're estimating about 100$ in gas for the trip (round trip) to MA and 60$ (round trip) MI, we might stay at least 1-2 nights in a hotel so we can make it an enjoyable stay in a nice hotel.

Anyone have any ideas? I really want some place near a nice lake or coast, but he wants something w/ a little more than a view but he is open to being on the water with activities around, we do not want something really hectic, no big city, maybe a little town or a city nearby so we could drive up one day, something relaxing and serene.

We're open to absolutely any suggestions outside of those two states though nowhere any further than 15 hrs from Louisville.

Any suggestions would be great!
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Both of those places seem a bit far for a long weekend, especially if you plan on driving. When are you planning on going? The weather is still unpredictably chilly up here in the northeast. For a compromise, I might suggest somewhere in the Poconos - a little closer, a little warmer, and any level of seclusion (and amenities) you would like.
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It's still a little cold, but the Leelanau Peninsula at the far north is remote and undiscovered, but near enough the tourist town of Traverse City so you can find really nice restaurants and shops. Also close by is Interlochen Arts Camp and Academy, which houses some of the best highschool musicians in the country, and also attract top-drawer classical and jazz artists. Traverse City also still has one of the last remaining Drive-In movie theaters in the country. Go during fruit harvesting season and stop at roadside stands.
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Michigan's Mackinac Island may be just what you're looking for. It's probably a 9 or 10 hour drive from Louisville. The Grand Hotel, where Somewhere in Time was filmed, is pretty amazing. It may be slightly out of your price range, but there are other places to stay on the island.
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Unless there is a specific reason why you picked Michigan or Maine, 15 hours of driving one way seems excessive for a relaxing 4-day trip (and romantic; ymmv).

But since you are open to driving a fair bit, I would suggest Charleston, SC. Its a small-ish city with a great amount of charm and architecture, close to water. Plenty of fun things to do or to lay back and chill. The weather looks perfect for this time of the year. Google maps says its about a 9hr drive and that the smoky mountain national park is about midway can be a nice bonus if you want to break your trip and camp overnight there before heading south.

Or Nags Head, in Outer banks of North Carolina is a beautiful place to go to relax by the beach. Other than that, New Orleans sounds like it could be fun. Both ~ 10hrs drive from Louisville, KY.
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Response by poster: we've actually decided on grand rapids Michigan, it's close to lake Michigan and they have a great bit of things to do in the city.

Any other ideas in Michigan?? Michigan is a short trip so I think it'll be more affordable than driving way up north...

Thanks everyone for you input :)
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You can't get to anywhere in Maine in less than 15 ours from Louisville.
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I feel obligated to plug my hometown and current residence of Portland, Maine. It's a great, small city with lots to do and see, great restaurants, ferry out to the islands... a really great spot for a getaway. I'd recommend staying somewhere in-town so that you can just step out and explore town.

Here are some local B&Bs. I've got to say that it looks like they've done a lot with the Inn at St. John since I was younger, it used to be a dive. They don't list The Danforth, but that place is pricey (starts around $275/night).

Actually, if you wanted to head just a little bit further north (about 30 mintues), Bath is a beautiful small town that I'm sure has its share of B&Bs.
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Apparently I'm 3 minutes too late with my post. :)
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Along the same lines as cusecase is that there are quite a few small beach communities between Charleston, SC and Myrtle Beach, SC that could offer you relative seclusion along with some history and seafood.
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Grand Rapids is charming. Take a walk along the river and watch the trout climb the fish ladder. Take a little side trip and check out the mom-and-pop stores in Rockford, a few miles north.
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Grand Rapids is great. Depending when you go, you could head over to Holland, Michigan to see the Tulip Festival.
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