Name that song: "I gave you extra cheddar"
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Song identification filter: Presumably popular song: "I gave you extra chedda" in an R&B/rap song?

I was listening to the radio yesterday, something I don't do often, and this terrible R&B/rap song came on. The rapping was so bad it was laughable and now I need to find it. The song was a "why did our relationship go bad?" type of song with a moderately slow beat, one line in particular that I remember went something like "I thought I treated you right / I gave you extra cheddar" and the song alternated between a not-so-bad R&B singer for the chorus and some awful monotone rapping. Both vocalists involved were guys; I think I remember the artist's name being a full name with a few syllables to it (Jesse McCartney), presumably the singer and the rapper was credited as a featured performer maybe?
Thanks in advance for any googling you do! I've tried and to no avail. It's not anything by 50 Cent or Chamillionaire in case you try similar searches to mine.
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I gave you extra cheese? In a song by Mario Winans called I Don't Wanna Know - P. Diddy for the assist.
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Best answer: Oops - one link was supposed to go to youtube. There's a short intro and then the song begins.
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Response by poster: Wow, I can't believe I couldn't find this one. Thanks a lot iconomy! Yeah, that's diddy alright. I can't believe how far he's fallen.
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Pretty much every song with P Diddy rapping is laughable/awkward. This makes me cringe.
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you question has already been answered, but in case you were in the market for (god forbid) more laughably bad rap lyrics, you can't do better than Snacks and Shit, a blog of just that.

The title of the blog, by the way, comes from the first post ever, a Jay-z lyric that goes 'I went ot One Trump plaza on they asses/ no room service, just snacks and shit.'
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This lyric may make more sense (though its still pretty bad) when you keep in mind that "cheddar/cheese" is street slang for money.
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