Help me find independent journalists
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Looking for independent news sites and journalists' blogs

I've been reading ProPublica since last year and really love it. I've tried to find similar sites, but no other site seems to have independent journalism without an extreme bias towards the left or right.

Today, I was reading a post on The Inquisitr and it talked about how some journalists who find themselves out of work are relaunching themselves on the Web.

Can anyone point me to independent journalism sites besides ProPublica and sites of journalists who used to write for a paper, but now publish independently on the Web?
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Scoop has a few ex-print journalists on staff, IIRC - it is NZ-centric, however.
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You could check out Washington Independent and see if it's sufficiently balanced based on the content or the reporters' bios. Some of them are clearly liberal (e.g. former New Republic writer Spencer Ackerman), but I don't know about some of the others, and David Weigel seems to be there to representative the conservative side of things.
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In addition to MinnPost and Propublica, Mission Local, SF-based. GlobalPost. The Real News Network.

I'm not sure what you would characterize as an "extreme" bias, but these are probably left-ier rather than not.
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It's San Diego-specific, but that they're doing at Voice of San Diego.
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I was reading about True/Slant the other day. It's some web site start-up with a bunch of journalists that currently or used to work for major magazines and newspapers. According to the WSJ, which is where I read about it, "the initial group of contributors includes current or former writers for publications such as the Financial Times, Rolling Stone, the New York Times, Time magazine and the Boston Globe."

Maybe there's some journalists in there you could follow.
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Rogue Columnist.
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