Need a reliable list of world leaders/minister in MS Excel.
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I need a regularly updated, reliable list of world leaders/ministers (ideally, all the information contained here) in Excel format. Help!

I've been going to the website to check on world leaders, but need something that will allow me to extract the data and use it elsewhere.

Is there another source for this information that is as reliable as that on the website? Thanks!
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You could do this using Wikipedia and xml perhaps?
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Best answer: With a combination of copy-and-paste and a few regular expressions, I have made you this data file: Import into Excel as a tab-delimated text file.

How regularly are you looking to get this data updated?
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Response by poster: Oh wow, that's great Mike. I think the website updates once a month, but I can probably keep up with changes myself from here.

Still, it would be great if someone out there knows about a freely accessible Excel-type file with frequently updated & reliable information in this area.
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