Help me track this package from Iran!
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Help me track this package from Iran! I have a tracking number but no idea who the carrier is.

Someone in Iran mailed us a package for work (a video cassette) and I don't know where I can enter the tracking number: in the email they said they sent it "by coliy post no:RRxxxxxxxxIR from IRAN-TEHRAN-15" (where each x is a digit)

The most promising lead was but the number doesn't work when I enter it.
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DHL appears to have Iranian operations. Iranian DHL site.
posted by zerokey at 11:47 AM on April 16, 2009

Could that be Coliposte? They're French but have offices all over.

Coliposte Tracking Page.
posted by rokusan at 12:06 PM on April 16, 2009

Packagetrackr might be of assistance; it's useful because you can just pop in any old tracking number and it'll pick the likely candidate company.
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You can put tracking numbers into Google, too. Just the straight number right into the search box. It works with USPS and Fedex, but I'm not sure if they also can do foreign and/or obscure like yours might be.
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Response by poster: I did try just googling it, but there were not results. None of the above answers work either, not even Packagetrackr =(
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Sometimes it take a while for the tracker to recognize the tracking number. Have you tried waiting, say like 24 hours before trying to track the package?
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Response by poster: It was mailed out on March 9th. Hmm, is it possible it's expired? (crap!)
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What is stopping you from e-mailing back the person who sent the package? Maybe ask them for the link to the shipping company or the site where you can track the package? Ask if they're sure that's the number and can they double-check their shipping documentation?
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Response by poster: Yes, I did email the person back, but he still hasn't responded and I thought I could save some time by trying AskMe in the interim.

Thanks anyway to all, esp. miratime for the Packagetrackr link, which looks like it'd be useful in almost any other such situation.
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