How do I preserve velvety photo album covers?
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How do I preserve velvety photo album covers?

My mother has a of photo album that my father gave her at least forty years ago that is now in bad condition. I know the best thing to do would be to put the photos in a new archival quality album and discard or discontinue using the old album, but because of sentimental reasons, she wants to preserve the album as it is now. I'm scanning the photos and will try to preserve the originals as best as I can while leaving them in the old albums. I'm not asking how to preserve the photos.

What I'm concerned with is the actual album itself. The whole thing is covered with some sort of velvety coating that is now rubbing off. If I had to describe the velvety texture, I'd say is like those velvety posters that you can buy and color or some velvety wallpapers. Someone has suggested spraying hair spray on the velvety covers but that sounds ify to me. How can I stop or slow down this process?
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I would get a plastic or acetate book cover, or a roll of cellophane, and make a book cover. Instructions for doing so are pretty easy.

The idea is that you don't want the velvet to be in contact with anything that can scuff it, so any kind of cover will do the trick, it's just that plastic or cellophane will still let you see what the cover looks like. I don't know how thick store-bought cellophane is, so you might want to look around or ask at a craft store for something thickish (in cellophane terms) and durable.
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