What CMS is this?
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I really like the design of this site. Is there a way to find out what CMS they're using? And what's that picture scroller in the middle?
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Best answer: For the second part your question, this site has neat DHTML scripts but not exactly the one that webmaster used. http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex4/index.html

Dig into his code and see if it's based on code like on the above site.
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Best answer: Sometimes you can tell what kind of CMS a site is using by looking in the source for a generator tag but I can't find one in that mess.

You can contact them directly at http://www.luxurylink.com/about/abt_con.php where it says, "Should you have questions about the Luxury Link site, or suggestions about new products to include, please contact us at suggestions@luxurylink.com."
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Best answer: Whatever the CMS is, it's possible to make it pretty much invisible from the front end. Your best bet if you really want to know is asking them. At the expense of challenging the question, though: why? If you're just curious, that's fine, but there's not really anything about this site that makes me think there's something special about the CMS behind it that makes it particularly suitable for that purpose. Any decent system could turn this out for you. It's generally more a matter of being familiar with your tool than the tool itself.

As for the script, if you view source on the home page, do a search for "fe_total" and you'll find a chunk of Javascript with a few functions in it that are responsible for the tab thing about halfway down the page. (I don't see anything that actually "scrolls" so I'm guessing that's what you mean.) It looks custom to me, as a search for those function names doesn't turn much of anything up, and fairly tied to that specific usage.
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You mean the thing I never saw because I keep getting a giant ad over it *sigh*
For that, search for "slideshow_home_compact.js" in the source.
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Best answer: I can't see why you wouldn't be able to do this with most of the CMS out there. Looks like something Wordpress would handle pretty easily (aside from some of the login stuff, perhaps). Also, here's a link to 10 Best Jquery Sliders at least one of which would be pretty similar to the slider they're using, I imagine.
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Best answer: From this article (and also having a poke around in their source control files, which they've left world-accessible on the web server, nice), the backend appears to be a custom-build using PHP and the Smarty templating engine.
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Also, if you have a closer look at the site, it's not just a set of articles -- you've got travel packages, which are searchable by criteria, and which are linked to a drill-downable database of travel destinations. Just from that, I've have guessed this is was a custom-built app, rather than off-the-shelf CMS (unless there are off-the-shelf packages specifically designed for travel agents and presenting this kind of data).
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Response by poster: Thank you very much for all your responses.
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Response by poster: Oh, chrismear, you rule.
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