Sales figures for a particular DVD
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I am looking for gross sales figures for a particular DVD. Any suggestions of free sources that would have this information?
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There's a cool site my friend told me about AOL Keyword: IMDB.

Annie Hall

Gross $38,300,000 (USA)

Click on "Box Office & Business" to get to it.
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Oh my meanness caught up with me and bit me in the ass. You wanted just DVD.

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That's theater sales, smartass. Not DVDs.
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Looks like Billboard has what you are looking for but you have to pay. Now that I've made an ass out of myself I'm making this a crusade.
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Thanks for the snark. If you'll notice IMDB does not have the information I'm trying to find. By the way, that $38,300,000 is for theatrical gross.
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I'm aware of all the subscrtiption services. I'm just looking for a single data point so I'd rather not pay a subscription fee.
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If these numbers were freely available, Nielsen/Soundscan would not have a business model.

Unfortunately unless you know someone whose company has an account, you have to subscribe. What is the DVD, I might be able to find out for you.
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Yeah, I know it wrecks that model, I was just taking a stab at it.
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Doesn't SoundScan only track music and music related videos?
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You might have some luck with Information seems to vary by title, with some gross numbers, other entries with only weekly data, the remainder with nothing at all.

But if it is a fairly popular film like Spider-Man, you'll see what appears to be the figure for all versions of any DVD of the movie. If you want to compare a full screen to a collector's edition boxed set, this probably won't be very useful.
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the-numbers did not have DVD onfo for the title I'm looking for, and their info for world-wide theatrical gross was off by over $50,000,000.
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I would love to know this information myself. Finding DVD sales of catalog titles is fairly impossible although newer titles can be found. Looking on Amazon, the DVD was released on 10/11/03 and looking on, the DVD was never in the top 20 for sales in a single week. I know that doesn't help, but it's the best I can do.
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I can't help, but I can say that it's more complicated if you add rental sales and revenues from rentals in there. Then you have to go to Rentrak, who aggregates rental data. There isn't any one source that tracks rental and retail sales, although that's Rentrak's business model.
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Call the producers and ask. They will know the answer. If the answer is a good one, they will be proud to tell you.

You might also call the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick Research Library and see if someone there can look it up for you.
posted by Sidhedevil at 7:43 PM on November 19, 2004, run by the same people who does Variety magazine, has a chart section which tracks only the top selling DVDs and their sales figures. It has charts going back only 6 months.

Not bad if you're just looking for a quick figure on a DVD you know is selling millions...
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