The cover of Patrick White's *The Vivisector*
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What medical procedure (assuming it is a real one) is depicted on the cover of the Penguin Classics edition of Patrick White's novel The Vivisector? (This link goes to the Amazon page for the book. Not for the squeamish.) Try as I might, I can't make much sense of this image.
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Do you have a physical copy of the book? Somewhere there's usually a cover credit, like on the copyright page or the back of the book. That should find you a title and an artist and get you well on your way to an answer.
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Best answer: Explanation and a diagram for you here. Basically it's surgery to correct the alignment of the eye.
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Woo! I had one of those.
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Response by poster: And AskMe comes through in eight minutes. Thanks, le morte de bea arthur.
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I had one of those when I was still a baby. Good thing I wasn't too smart yet, or I would have flipped out just thinking about it.
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