Looking for a website to track daily water intake, fruit/veg eaten, mood, steps.
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Looking for a website to track daily water intake, fruit/veg eaten, mood, steps.

I'm looking for a simple website to track the following health/nutrition things:

* How much water I drink each day.
* How many servings of fruit/vegetables I eat.
* My mood for the day
* How many steps I've taken
* How many hours I slept the night before

I don't need the complexity of calories or portion sizes. (i.e. I don't want to enter 50g of broccoli, but just that I've had one serving of vegetables.)

Something similar to Joe's Goals would work, but it doesn't really have the flexibility for things like mood or steps taken.

Any ideas?
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thedailyplate.com kinda got sucked into Lance Armstrong's "Livestrong.com" but it's still got the same functionality. It has a water glass meter, mostly focuses on calories, but I think it'll cover most of what you're looking for.

Looking now, it seems to still function on it's own...so no ugly yellow and black color scheme!
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Have you seen SparkPeople? I think that does a lot of what you're asking for. You can enter how many cups of water you drink per day and you can enter your fitness minutes and food tracking as well.
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Response by poster: Interesting. The water glass meter is perfect. Why can't I find something like that for hours of sleep, fruit/veg consumed, etc? I love the simplicity of just clicking on it to Add/Subtract.
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Here's an old askme about tracking moods; there are some sites linked in there.

There was also a relatively recent (past few months) askme that was looking for a site that allowed you to track pretty much everything. It got a bunch of answers with sites that allowed you to do exactly that, but now I can't find it.
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I know this is not an answer to your question, but why are you opposed to just writing these things down in a small journal? It doesn't seem like you'll be doing any calorie math or tracking nutrient content, etc., so you should consider just going the analog way. If you love simplicity, it doesn't really get any simpler than that.

I've found that the thin, small Moleskines allow me to track that stuff (and never skip a day!) way better than any websites I've joined.

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Google spreadsheet.
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I think daytum is the website inigo2 is talking about. I know the conception behind it is pretty much what you want—it lets you track anything. Can't speak to the execution.
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Daytum.com looks so very promising that I'll recommend it even though I've yet to start using it myself. (Lack of API & Wordpress plugin)

It's a totally private way of tracking though; Unless you apply some standard measures (and they get an API out for people to aggregate the data) you'll only be able to interpret the data yourself (as opposed to measuring yourself against others / average / recommendations / whatever.
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I've just started using trackslife and I think it would do the things you want. Have to say, though, I wish I hadn't - the graphs are ugly, the reminder to update isn't working for me, and I'd have more flexibility using a spreadsheet (possibly through Google docs as bigmusic suggests). Also I think it goes pay-for after 30 days.
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Why use a website? Do you want other people to see your notes? Do you want to make graphs, charts, and tables? Buy a $1 notebook if you aren't elitist enough to buy a Moleskin. This is coming from a person who updates spreadsheets and tracks time using Toggl. Pen and paper is so much more simple.
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Zealog.com is exactly what you want. In fact there are already people tracking water, sleep and steps, so you can join some community logs if you like. Or you can make your own private log if you'd prefer. Its free, and I love it.

Note: I think its out of beta now, and you can sign yourself up, but if I've remembered wrong and you need an invite, then just mefimail me.
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Also, previously.
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agree with Joh. zeaLOG is exactly what you want. The metrics of what you measure are totally up to you and it is a fully open beta at this point. No waiting around for invitations. I think one of the big differentiators between zeaLOG and other sites like that is that you can track stuff with groups as well. There is a strong social component. Works for me.
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I'm going to piggyback on this question and ask if anyone knows of an iPhone app that functions similarly to daytum or zealog.
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