Where to get custom made suit in Bay Area?
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Recommend a tailor in the Bay Area to create a custom made suit.

I am a 25 year old female about to finish grad school and enter The Real World. I would like to have one good quality power suit for interviews but department store shopping is frustrating and fruitless. I can't find anything that flatters my body type, is a complementary color, and is good quality. I've decided to scrimp and save and use my tax refund to buy a custom made suit that I can use for years. So...where do I go?

Can you recommend any tailors in the Bay Area (Oakland/Berkeley preferred, but I'm willing to travel for quality) with experience in female business suits?
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I was going to suggest searching Style Forum, but it's primarily menswear. But it might be worth doing nonetheless; if you find a good menswear tailor, you might call them and ask if they know of a good tailor for women.
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I've only had a suit altered by him, but Andreas Gorges did an amazing job. From the looks of his shop, he does a significant amount of custom work, as well.
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