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Anybody know of any free software that will take my logic equations and make a circuit diagram?

As an example, the following describes a circuit with three inputs and three outputs. I'd like to have this automatically drawn up with the usual symbols for and-gates, or-gates, and inverters. Of course the syntax can be anything similar to this.

Inputs X0, X1, X2; outputs Y0, Y1, Y2.

W = ! ( X0∙X1 + X1∙X2 + X2∙X0 )
Z = ! ( X0∙X1∙X2 + (X0 + X1 + X2)∙W )

Y0 = W∙(Z + X1 + X2) + Z∙X1∙X2
Y1 = W∙(Z + X0 + X2) + Z∙X0∙X2
Y2 = W∙(Z + X0 + X1) + Z∙X0∙X1
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Best answer: Maybe Logic Friday will do the trick?
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Do you want it to do optimization / synthesis kinds of things? Or just directly translate the algebraic notation into an equivalent set of gates?
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Response by poster: I would like a gate diagram that matches the structure of my equations, without an optimization. Logic Friday looks very promising!
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Logisim is fairly limited (intended for student projects) but is free and should do what you're looking for. It's cross-platform (Java).
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Response by poster: Logic Friday is pretty nice, but I can't seem to prevent it from "minimizing" my equations, thereby changing the structure of the circuit.
posted by iconjack at 12:02 AM on April 15, 2009

I've never done what you described above, but you can construct models of circuits using this software Modelica or OpenModelica (so perhaps it is useful?)
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