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I'm planning to post photographs to my own website as a travelogue. I'm looking for an eye-catching interface that is easy to use and maintain. What would you recommend?

I'm not interested in one of the photo sharing sites like Flickr. This will be on my own site. I've seen many of the Flash interfaces and photo-a-day blog types. Some seem to work fairly well, but others just aren't very viewer-friendly. Free obviously is best, but I don't mind spending something to get a nice, pleasant looking product. I am somewhat computer savvy, so I can probably deal with setup and configuration. In your experience, or from what you have observed, what is best? Thanks for your help.
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I use ZenPhoto. It's really simple, clean looking, free and lightweight. I like it, but... YMMV, depending on what you want to do specifically.
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You get the software to construct the album with many features.
Also space for the album (depending on size).
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Mac or PC? iPhoto exports some fairly nice looking and easily navigatable web sites. IIRC, Picasa does also.
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For static albums I second JAlbum. For dynamic albums, ZenPhoto is better.
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Unfortunately, I don' t know which interface they use, but I do find the 'look and feel' of antartic fox very good, and it really makes the pictures the centre of the site.
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Response by poster: Mac or PC?

I am working with Windows Vista SP1.
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I've used the Gallery project, both Gallery1 and Gallery2, with great success. Both are PHP based, Gallery2 uses mySQL as well. It's an active project that is well maintained with a decent community and lots of options and plugins. It's also Open Source. You can also embed it inside some Content Management Systems, like Joomla, Mambo, or Droopal - you can check out the interface on my site if you would like (It's embedded in Joomla in this case, which gives it the side menu).
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Doug Bowman's photo gallery template looks pretty nice. However, it requires a Moveable Type blog and quite a bit of configuration to get it going, if you're up for that.
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I also like SimpleViewer, but it can occasionally be a PITA.

You say you don't want to use Flickr, but it has an excellent API and photo management tools, and others have made many, many tools that work with it. Some of these will let you post your flickr pics seamlessly on your own website (SimpleViewer-like).

In fact, this question has inspired me to try switching my gf's modeling site from SimpleViewer to FlickrViewer (demo).
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the tips everyone. I will follow-up when I have something in place.
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Response by poster: I chose to use SimpleViewer. I found it extremely easy to setup, I'm pleased with the results, and will continue using it for future projects. And you can't beat the free price. For those with an interest in seeing the result, check here and here and here. Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions.
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