I need a table of deaths by state due to flu in 1918!
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Where can I find a state-by-state breakdown of deaths in the 1918 flu pandemic in the US?

I'm trying to determine the percentage of each state's population that died because of the flu or related diseases. To do this, I need to find how many in each state died so I can compare it with census data.
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Best answer: The feds already did the grinding for you, lucky dog: Scroll down to the flu supplement.
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Best answer: in my copy of america's forgotten pandemic by Alfred Crosby, after page 207 there's state by state and city by city tables of mortality figures. They all come from the beuro of Census, Mortality Statistics, 1919(Washington, D.C.; Goverment Printing Office, 1921), pp. 28-29.

I'd recommend the book as a whole too.
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Gah, Bureau.
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Response by poster: You're all beautiful people. Really, I mean that.
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