How do I synchronise Facebook with YouTube and
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When I favourite a video on YouTube, it turns up in my Facebook feed. Same with - when I favourite a track, all my Facebook friends can see. Apparently at some point I synchronised Facebook with YouTube and The problem is, I don't know how I synchronised the accounts, so I can't replicate it or show anyone else how to do it for themselves. Can anyone advise?
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Settings > Application Settings > Remove relevant youtube and apps.

I am positive there is a app that did just this, not sure about youtube, but Applications is where I'd start.
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If you go to your profile page and click on Settings, a section called Imported Stories will pop down, with and YouTube (among others) which will synchronize your activity on these sites and import them into your actvity on Facebook. I believe this is what you are looking for.
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tybeet has it. You can delete the stories from there.
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Just to be clear, skylar is asking how to do this, not how to delete it or turn it off.
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I believe that tybeet's answer also serves for how to enter the appropriate information to sync those feeds and have them show up in your FB feed.
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1) Go to
2) Click Settings (at the top of the feed.)
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