Is there a LeechBlock for Chrome?
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Is there something like LeechBlock for Chrome?

Or should I just stop using Chrome?
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Chrome doesn't really have addons like Firefox, but you can do the whole Google Gears thing. I am not sure how to find particular gears apps though. I know Gmail has a gears app so you can use it offline... I wouldn't have known if Gmail didn't tell me though.

You might want to just use Firefox if LeechBlock is that important to you.
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I seem to recall in purusing the Lifehacker site that they talked about using the Chrome Beta version for using add-ons with Chrome.
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Use ZoneAlarm to block Chrome, then wait for a ChromeTab add-on for firefox. It's probably more likely to happen. This is how I deal with IE btw.
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Here is the link that I mentioned earlier. Hope it helps.
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Now that Chrome supports GreaseMonkey scripts, it looks like there is a solution. It is called "Invisibility Cloak".

head over to

And scroll down to #6.
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