Great apps for Nokia E71
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NokiaFilter: Just picked up a Nokia E71 (runs S60 3.1). Help me cram it's memory with quality apps (free great, paid okay).
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Response by poster: Yargh, forgot the [more inside]. Anyway, I've already got Slick IM, Google Maps, mIRGGI, PuTTY, and Snakes.
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In no particular order, Garmin Mobile XT, Nokia Conversations, Gravity, ProfiMail, Qik, and Nokia Sports Tracker. If you're a subscriber, Mobbler is nice.

There are other really nifty programs, but that will get you started. ;)
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I got Handy Calendar to replace the crappy calendar on my N95, and Core Player to... you get the idea.
Otherwise I am patiently awaiting Nokia app store part XCVIIVXI, or the one where they try to copy the Iphone app store and hopefully get it right this time.
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I just received a Nokia E60 and went looking for quality software as well. I found a few web resources but have not yet discovered the app site to rule them all:, or:

Does anybody know where to find the Itunes store of Symbian apps?
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joikuspot -- share your 3G data connection with any wifi-capable device.
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As this has GPS mgmaps is the finest GPS and mapping and freeware I've ever seen!
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GleepGlop wrote:
Otherwise I am patiently awaiting Nokia app store part XCVIIVXI, or the one where they try to copy the Iphone app store and hopefully get it right this time.

I think you mean Nokia App Store 1.0, or the one where they actually claim to have an app store.

There are some interesting things in the Download! app. Handy Safe is a good one (and free, oddly enough) if you have a lot of passwords.
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Oh, and there's also PyS60 and if you hack your phone, you can find and install the Net Monitor application on the E71.
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For my E61i, i dig Fring, the GMail app, the Opera browser (because Nokia's sucks). Also have the YouTube app, which is OK.
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Seconding JoikuSpot. It's worth it to pay for the Premium edition. I'm using it (via my E61i) right now.

Google Maps is also cool. I have toyed with GMail but don't use it regularly because it doesn't cause the message-indicator lamp to go on, while the built-in client does. The built-in client is kinda sucky in other regards though.

I use the built-in browser but it's really only good for "mobile" pages (lofi.mefi is a must). I think this is OK because I'm on EDGE which is slow and I only ever browse a couple of sites from the phone. Opera is better if you really want to surf from it.

If you use Flickr, make sure to enable the email-submission feature and save the email addresses it assigns to you in your phone's address book. Then you can take photos and email them into your Flickr stream, which is pretty awesome. (This isn't really an application but I just found out about it a few weeks ago and it's by far the most impressive thing my phone does, as far as my S.O. is concerned.)

N.B. in case you use T-Mobile ... as a previous MetaTalk post of mine will attest to, I and some other people have run into problems accessing MeFi via T-Mobile Internet; in my case it was via JoikuSpot. I think the problem is on T-Mobile's end rather than anything to do with my phone or JoikuSpot, but you should be aware of the issue in case you ever run across it.
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Nokia's websites are a pain to figure out what is where so here is the link to the 'coming soon' ovi app store
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Dunno if you are still reading, but I just came across the most comprehensive list of preferred apps:

What’s installed on the gerrymoth’s E71 with LINKS

And it looks like he updates this monthly.
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