Should we continue eating it?
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We've eaten about a half of a small box of expired cookies. Can we continue to eat them or should they be tossed?

They expired November 27th 2008. They taste fine and aren't soft at all, we just don't want to eat the whole box and end up sick in 4 hours.

If it is at all relevant the ingredients are: unbleached wheat flour, butter, semi sweet chocolate chips, brown sugar, cane sugar, palm oil, eggs, pure vanilla, and kosher salt.

We are inclined to think they are fine, but some confirmation from the hive would make us feel a bit better.

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Was the bag sealed before you started eating them?
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Response by poster: Sorry, that's sort of an important detail. They were completely sealed. The box itself and the plastic bag inside it.
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Best answer: Enjoy them then. Think you'll be okay.
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Unless they have moist chunks of chicken in them, cookies are safe forever. I've eaten dramatically outdated cookies.

If you die from eating them you didn't hear this advise from me.
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Does the date say "Expires on..." or "Best before"? If it's just a best before date, that just means that the product may not be of the same quality. I use that as my second judgment; my first judgment being if it smells good and tastes good, it's OK to eat.
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Eat them!
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I ate a cookie yesterday that was 5 years out of date and im still here!
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I have a friend who works for a major cookie & snack company. He brings me free stale-dated stuff all the time. I can't tell the difference.
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If they were dry, there's not much pathogenic activity going on. Mold, maybe.
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Dry baked goods like this can: 1) go rancid; 2) mold; and/or 3) get bugs in them. You'll be able to identify any of these conditions easily using your senses. If they seem fine, they are fine.
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Those dates on packages are a "This item will still seem bakery-fresh if eaten before..." date, rather than a "This item will turn into a deadly toxin immediately after..." date.
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Response by poster: Well, if it makes any difference it says "Enjoy by: 27 NOV 08". I'm assuming they're fine. If I'm wrong, rest assured I'll expend the last of my energy updating this thread.
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If you don't, I will.
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No "tossing your cookies" jokes? Or are the admins zapping those in a flash?
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After the Enjoy By date you're allowed to eat them, but it's actually illegal to enjoy them. If you're caught savoring, relishing or delighting in the flavor of these cookies, you will be arrested :)
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This concept is strange to me. Cookies expire? Inconceivable.
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The only substantive thing (besides staleness) that would be wrong with something like that is that the oils could go rancid. You would know this. You've probably already eaten them by now anyway! For future reference, to avoid food poisoning you have to decide not to eat something BEFORE eating half of it.
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Well, if you're not sick now then why not?
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Hey, cookies do go nasty if the fat goes rancid! But it's easy to tell. I opened a bag of expired cookies that had gone rancid and they smelled like industrial lubricant.
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You know, in World War 2 (and other like events) people used to mail home-baked cookies to the troops? It used to take a fair while for letters to be recieved, but people still ate the cookies. (I'm usually an advocate for, what? No! are you fucking stupid? Don't touch it.) Eat and enjoy.
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Just clear your cache.
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I bet you're dead now.
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