Location-based reminders for Blackberry
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Is there an application for Blackberry that has the ability to give location-specific reminders?

The goal: to be able to specify reminders to only go off when the device is in a specified geographic area. Example - I need to pick up something I left at a friend's house, but I only want to be reminded when I am in the vicinity of his house.

Is there a standalone blackberry app that provides this, or a web-based app that can work with location information provided by, for example, google latitude, and generate SMS/email reminders?
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I played around with JotYou on my old phone. I basically just tested it once to see if it worked. It did. That was a windows mobile treo but they have a download for Blackberries.

You can also send location-specific messages to other members.

It seems like such a cool idea that I really want to use it. I'm racking my brain trying to think of something that I would actually use it for.

What I want are location based controls for other functions. Like turning my ringer volume on when I'm at home. Or turning bluetooth on when I leave home. I think I found something that will do some of this stuff based on nearby wifi hotspots. I think I'll test that out but it would be much better if it used the phones GPS.
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