If we don't name him soon, he'll be Thumbsy Meowlebottome Junior the Third.
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Name my kitten! Relevant info below.

My family has always had a Big Fat Orange Cat. Since I moved out, my parents' BFOC has died, and my partner and I (and her Big Fat White Cat) bought a house. So: new kitten! But what to name him?

Previous BFOCs' names: Miro, Shrimpy, and Scooby.

Names of other pets in our household: Bella (cat) and Hazard (dog).

Previous cat names: Sprocket, Worm, Oreo, Foot Foot.

Kitten details: orange; male; blue eyes; he's got two thumbs on each front foot and one thumb on each back foot.

I've nicknamed him Thumbsy but I was thinking of something a little more . . . I don't know. Dignified? I like Salvador (as in Dali) or Dali (as in Dali), but with Dali he'll always be confused for a Dolly, Texas pronunciation considered. My partner's not that thrilled about Salvador, either. And nothing Hemingway related, though he's polydactylic; I'm not a Hemingway fan, to say the least.

Your suggestions are welcomed! I can't keep calling him Kitteh (there's some scale for ya).
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Let the guy hang around for a few days, something in his personality will come up that will influence a name. I did the same thing with my puppy, except for he went for about a week before he earned a name based off one of his personality characteristics (that, and the vet needed a name and it came to mind while we were in the office).
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On the Dali theme, I feel obligated to suggest Domingo, Felipe, Jacinto, or Catalonia. I'm a big fan of geographical names for kittens - I have a kitten that looks eerily similar to yours, and he's named Memphis. Also used to have a cat named Mexico.
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he looks woozley.
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Those flickr pics are off-limits to us!

At any rate: I'd call him Oscar, because offhand Mr. Wilde is the anti-Hemingway.
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Best answer: Kalimba, likembe and mbira are three of the many names for the thumb piano.
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I've always wanted to name a cat Mr. Meow-Meow (he can say his own name!), so that would be my suggestion to you.
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You could name him after a famous redhead. Axl, maybe?
Too bad his eyes aren't yellow. He'd make a hell of a Scut Farkus.
For a marine twist, you could call him Roughy.
Orange cats seem to stir up people's allergies more than other colors; you could call him Achoo. Allegro or Zyrtec might also be funny.
Sunny D and Fanta go with orange in my head. Hell, you could call him O.J., and then you could nickname him Juice.
Stripes make me think of Bill Murray. You could call him Bill.
Ok, now I'm grasping at straws. Personally, I'm leaning toward Roughy right now.
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A dignified name for an orange cat in Texas ... looking at his photo, the first name that comes to mind is Marlon. Definitely. If I had to pick a runner-up, it would be Earl - has both royal and down-home connotations.
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Strangely enough, my cousin has a BFOC named Oscar. Not an obvious "thumb" name, but I think Marwood would be a solid choice (he was the guy in Withnail and I who shouted "My thumbs have gone weird!").
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Response by poster: Tomorrowful, I'm working on it. The first one does work, though, yes?
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Hex? (in reference to his sixth digit)
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Best answer: Dignified?

Viscount Thumbleton (Thumbsy)
Earl of Feets (Feets or Feetsy)
Archduke of Toes (Toto)
Baron Von Meow
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Best answer: Thumbs make me think of hitchhiking. Therefore, Ford and/or Prefect (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), Jack Kerouac (also fun to say, although potentially open to Hemingway-esque objections), Hankshaw (the last name of the girl with the mutant thumb from Even Cowgirls Get the Blues), spring to mind.
Also: he's very cute.
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Best answer: Aw, adorable kitten!

If you look on wikipedia, it mentions the high rate of mutation in Boston and that sailors consider polydactyl cats good luck. Maybe something New England-ish would be fitting? Moby-Dick (or just Moby), Herman or Melville are all cute, yet dignified.

Also, Theodore Roosevelt had a polydactyl cat named Slippers, so instead of Hemingway, maybe Roosevelt?

Good luck! Let us know what you end up calling him!
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Sissy Hankshaw. You did mention thumbs.
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sorry: sailors considered cats good luck.
I have a feeling that 6-toed cats may not be the superstition of choice among contemporary sailors. But maybe I'm wrong.
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Two thumbs -> two thumbs up -> Siskel and Ebert. I'd go with Siskel.
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Looks like a Melvin Butters to me. Maybe Doctor Melvin Butters Ninjasocks, Esquire.

Melbatoast, for funsies.
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I'd go with Chester
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For years I've been toying with the idea of getting a cat just so I could name it Great Big Old Nasty Hairy Pussy. I'd probably shorten it to Nasty for everyday use.
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Best answer: Call him Manny, short for Mankind Is Doomed.

Or Sampson, the thumb-biter from Romeo and Juliet.
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Chairman Meow.
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The extra thumbs make me think Count Ruger may be a good choice; Count Ruger was the six-fingered man Inigo Montoya was looking for in PRINCESS BRIDE. Actually, some of the PRINCESS BRIDE names would be great names for cats as well -- "Inigo", "Fezzig", "Vizzini", or "Max" (after Miracle Max, of course).

In general, two of the best cat names I've ever heard were "Inspector Fuzz" (a neighbor's marmelade, also similarly fluffy) and "Doctor Carlton B. Forbes" (I read once that Steve Martin named one of his cats this way, and I always liked it).
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Hemingway (Hemmy for short) - cats with extra toes are often called Hemmingway cats because of Ernest Hemingway's fondness of them.
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Oh, and congratulations on your new baby! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together.
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Ah, crap. I should have finished reading the question. I was wondering why no one suggested it before! *smacks forehead*

In that case, I suggest Hamilton just because I like that name. Also, soooo cute.
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My kitten (and probably all of them) just gets in these modes where he starts running around berserk, so instead of his real name, I just start calling him Whackjob. I've made up my mind that if I get another cat, that's what I'm going to call him.
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I've always named my successive cats 'cat' in different languages. It started when my family when I was young got our first cat and named her 'Gato'. It stuck.
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Count Ruger was the six-fingered man Inigo Montoya was looking for in PRINCESS BRIDE

I'm pretty sure it was Count Rugen (first name Tyrone, to be specific), and I am whole-heartedly in favor of either Rugen or Tyrone as a name for this kitty.
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Best answer: Julius
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I have a friend who has a multiple thumbed cat, and they called him Rocky, since they kind of look boxing mitts....
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Also... congrats on the new family addition!
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Hell yes to Thumbledore. Not only is it dignified, but Dumbledore had red hair when he was younger.
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Best answer: If you're aiming for confoundingly odd names, my Ask MeFi question from last year inspired me greatly.
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Response by poster: Y'all are great. Keep 'em coming. I've marked the ones I like best so far.

jerseygirl, I'm nearly certain one of his names is going to be Thumbleton. I love it.

Those who suggested Thumbledore: cute, but I don't like Harry Potter, so it's out. Perhaps another polydactylic orange kitty can use it.

Multiple names are great. What I didn't mention in the OP is that the dog has five names. ;]
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Goldfinger has two connotations: the extra thumbs and Auric Goldfinger's ginger cat in the James Bond novel/film.
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(if you like the Moby Dick theme)

For no other reason than I like them:

I like to think of favorite foods, drinks, or places for animal names. Or so I pretend.
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Or Ernie

(I know you don't like Hemingway; this Ernie will replace the one you don't like. I just like the name and think it fits. He definitely looks more like an Ernie than a Bert, for example)
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Migou or Migo (Tibetan for Yeti; translates to "wild man" -- also big in the Cthulu universe for extra nerd points)
(However, Thumbledore is pure poetry.)
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Catmandu (derived from Kathmandu)
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A friend of mine has a polydactyl cat named Six-Pack.
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Where is Thumbkin, Where is Thumbkin?
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I have a cat named 'Pants.' She is awesome and loves her name. (I can just tell, don't ask.)

Other favs of mine for boy cats include Martin and Craig.

Pickles is also good. My next girl cat will be 'Miss Mary Pickles.'
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How about "Eddie," as in "Eddie Puss," since one of the meanings of "Oedipus" is swollen feet?
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I'm partial to 'old man' names. My big fat orange cat is named Maynard. It is by far the most fitting cat name ever picked.

I've been sitting on Bernard and Myron lately for cats to come.
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Oh, he's so cute! I have two polydactyl cats too, named Prufrock and Annabelle, and I don't think you need to go out of your way for thumb-themed names.
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Thumbellini...if it was a little girl kitten then the obvious "thumb" name would of course have been Thumbellina.

If the thumb theme has been done to death, why not a dignified human name, like:




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Tom Thumb?

Thumbelinus or Tommelise?
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That cat should DEFINITELY be named Bumpers.
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I'd go with Fumb, as in a childish pronunciation of Thumb, and a tie-in with Jack and the Bean Stalk
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I always preferred long drawn own kitty names... like...

Thumbington J Farnsworth III, Esq
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What a lovely boy!!

I would go with 'The Intrepid Senior Zingiber - Zingi or Zig for short.

The genus Zingiber contains the true gingers, a set of plants with medicinal and culinary value in many parts of the world.
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Sir Thumbleton Peregrin von Squizzlesticks.

(My own cat's name is Wensleydale Archipelago Quadrilateral. Clearly, I have some issues with cats and long names.)
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I saw his cute face and immediately thought, "Clyde."
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Oooh! Someone suggested Tom Thumb, but you could also go with Charles Stratton, which was this Tom Thumb's actual name.
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I had a polydactyl cat named Thumbs.

I was 12, what can I say.
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Best answer: I just had an idea: Toby! A nod to the toes, but it's subtle.
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Response by poster: jerseygirl hit the exact mark I was looking for with Thumbleton.

So far he is Thumbleton P. [Pamplemousse] Meowlebottome, Secretary of Thumbs, Mmnt. [Meowminator]

I think he needs an honorary in front of his name, and Count is really spot-on, but Sir has been bandied about.

Oh, and of course I'm still calling him Thumbsy, Thumbs, Thumblekins, and Thumbkins. Such is the way of the cat name.
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