How can we quickly deploy to multiple LAMP environments?
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Are there any tools to help with deploying LAMP sites to multiple environments?

We have 3 Ubuntu Server environments (development, preview, and production) that need to have file and database updates pushed through multiple times a day.

We're manually using MySQL Administrator for database restores and Beyond Compare 3 for file updates but there has to be a more automated way.

The database and file systems between the environments end up nearly identical because the project is still in development and we have everything under source control.

Are there any good tools or CLI tricks that can handle quick backup and restore of the database and mirror of the file system?
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I have started to use Capistrano to deploy sites for a LAMP setup with a wordpress based site using Subversion for version control. From the CLI I just type "cap deploy" and away it goes.

Capistrano is mostly used by the RoR guys, but it has been working great for me with LAMP and subversion. I found out how to do it from a informative blog post.
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for file system mirror, rsync is the usual choice. It can tunnel via ssh, so that works well in a remote environment, and it only copies changes. Alternately, tagged version releases through your version control system works.
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Seconding capistrano. It was designed to easily complete tasks across multiple servers from a command line.
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fabric is pretty cool.
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Fabric, capistrano, puppet, xCAT, slack...
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