Where can I practice yoga in Paris?
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Where is a good place to practice yoga in Paris?

I'm asking for my girlfriend, who will be moving there at the end of the month. She says:

"I'm look for a place to practice yoga (preferably vinyasa or ashtanga) in Paris. I'll be living in the 10th, right next to the metro Belleville. The cheaper the better (or places with student discounts), but I'm willing to pay if it means a good atmosphere and a good teacher — ideally someone who's into the spiritual aspects, not only focused on the exercise/strength building side of things."
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Best answer: Hello,

I have lived in Paris for the past 3 years and have taken many classes. Yoga here is not like yoga in the USA where I lived for 4 years in the East Coast, and 4 years in the West Cost.
Google Gerard Arnaud (metro oberkampf)- the cheapest classes and Gerard knows what he is teaching (ashtanga), very simple studio. There is Chaps (metro oberkampf) (I teach there Ashtanga for beginners), I believe my classes have a great influence of Anusara yoga because I also focus on alignment (very good if you are learning it), there are other ashtanga teachers, but I don't know them, the studio is peaceful. There is also Ashtanga Paris who the owner is Linda (Cannadian) and Gerard, the studio is peaceful and they teach advanced ashtanga. I don't know their classes, but I imagine they are the number two in terms of advanced ashtanga lessons after Gerard Arnaud.

Good luck,
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