Mac Address Book to Microsoft Excel?
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My main computer is a Mac (iBook) and I use the Address Book and Apple Mail. I also manage the email list for a group, and I need to be able to export the list of email addresses to either Excel (preferably) or Word. I haven't figured out how to do that.

The contacts are all separate addresses in my Address Book (people come and go on the list so I need to be able to find and delete people easily). I need to send the whole list of email addresses to people using PCs often enough that I'm willing to buy a program to help me to do this if necessary.

In other words, how do I get a list of email addresses off Address Book and into Excel, Word, or some program where I can easily translate the email addresses into Excel or Word?
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There are a number of address-book export apps. Here's one. You probably want to export to tab-separated values.

But I have to say, this whole process seems roundabout, and I have to imagine there's a better way for you to manage your list info.
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